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Daniel SELLIER a trouvé en Normandie les lieux magiques qui ont été et sont demeurés ses principales sources d’inspiration pour composer inlassablement et en toutes saisons sa peinture de plein air, prise sur le motif. Son goût pour les paysages paisibles, qu’il s’est appropriés pour en faire des lieux d’enchantement, lui a permis d’étudier les métamorphoses de la nature sous les effets de la lumière.

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The magical places that Daniel Sellier found in Normandy soon became and still remain his chief sources of inspiration for his compositions, which he tirelessly and in all seasons paints outdoors, capturing them on site. His appreciation of peaceful landscapes, which he appropriates in order to transform into enchanting sites, has allowed him to study nature’s transformations under the effects of light.

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Daniel SELLIER Artiste peintre
Atelier - Expo-vente
Rue Grande
Tél : (+33)2 32 21 50 45
Portable : (+33)6 08 42 78 15
- The gallery is open every day (except Thursdays) from 1st April to 31st December (except July/August – annual closure)
- From January to March: possibility of visiting by appointment
Daniel SELLIER is listed in AKOUN

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Biography of Daniel SELLIER

Daniel Sellier was born in Déville-lès-Rouen in Seine-Maritime (Normandy)
At the age of 14, he worked as a customs broker at the port of Rouen.
Then, after different jobs in the region of Rouen, he settled in the department of Eure,
where he found a job in the car industry in Pont-Saint-Pierre.
Passionate about drawing and painting since his teenage years and encouraged by the region’s artistic dynamism,
he attended courses at the ABC School of Paris and various workshops in Rouen.
He restored a house in Amfreville-les-Champs, a little village on the plateau of the Andelle valley,
very close to Les Andelys and Giverny where he set up his studio.
At the request of the Andelle painting association, he exhibited for several years at various regional salons.
He participated in the “Salon des Artistes Indépendants Normands” in Rouen for several years
and became a member of the European Academy of Arts.
Encouraged by his success, he began solo exhibitions in various galleries and salons in the region.
He set up his studio/gallery beside the river Seine in Les Andelys (Eure).
He exhibited at the cultural centre in Avignon (Vaucluse).
He exhibited at his studio in Lit-et-Mixe (Landes).
He exhibited at the art gallery of Saint-Wandrille-Rançon (Seine-Maritime).
Petit-Andely: exhibition at “Atelier 9”
He exhibited at his studio/gallery in Lit-et-Mixe (Landes).
Petit-Andely: permanent exhibition at his gallery "Atelier 9" (Eure).